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Implementation and Translation

The ALIVE Centre’s Implementation and Translation Network has membership of interested individuals, researchers, and health, medical, primary health care, community and non-government organisations serving people across the life course and priority populations to improve experiences and outlooks for people’s mental health and well-being.

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— what is the Implementation and Translation Network About?

Who is this network comprised of?

This network has membership of organisations serving people across the life course and priority populations, for example (but not limited to):

  • Mental health service delivery partners (across all sectors; EAP providers, schools, educational institutions)
  • General practices/primary care
  • Community Health Centres
  • Health services
  • Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations (across primary care and the community)
  • Aboriginal Medical Services*
  • Local area health networks
  • Primary Health Networks (PHNs)
  • Government agencies
  • Professional associations
  • People with Lived-Experience.


What are the benefits of joining?

  • An opportunity to contribute to ALIVE Centre translational outcomes, including earlier detection of those at-risk of poor mental health outcomes across the life course and preventive interventions to reduce future morbidity
  • Partnership opportunities to conduct implementation, simulation, and rapid adaptations of models of care for implementation and translation, using co-design and innovative methods
  • Collaboration for demonstration projects for models of promise to be scaled up and scaled out, and to be implemented across primary care and community sectors
  • An opportunity to support implementation and evaluation of the ALIVE Translational Roadmap for mental health care in Australia
  • Access to a vibrant community of implementation and translation scientists
  • Opportunities for co-investment with other partners.


What can I expect and what can I contribute?

  • Network member organisations will have access to implementation tools and techniques, including quick guides for research implementation, via the ALIVE digital platform
  • Involvement in cutting edge research and implementation studies for the validation of Centre-developed Clinical Prediction Tools (CPTs)
  • Testing new models of care and innovations that draw on a life-course approach to ensure that the social context and determinants of health are addressed
  • Providing linkages to remove blockages to research translation and adaptation.

— The Implementation and Translation Network

Our Implementation and Translation Network (ITN) members are leaders for sustained and long-term change.  They are shaping the implementation and translation landscape to embed innovations in mental health care and improve experiences and outlooks for people who access primary care and receive support in community settings. ITN members span organisations and agencies at the forefront of service delivery and mental health support.

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The ALIVE Implementation and Translation Network Forum is a supportive, safe and anonymous space.

We ask you to read the following before posting to the forum:

Getting started

The ITN Forum is an online discussion where registered members can post questions, ideas, and have conversations within posts and threads. We’re hoping that the Forum will be another helpful tool for setting up researchers for success!

Community Principles of Engagement

Here are the principles for the ALIVE ITN Forum to ensure that everyone feels welcome and safe. If you see these principles are not being honoured, please remind others of them. In case of abuse, please get in touch with us.

Forum FAQs

Here are FAQs for the forum covering setting up or suggesting a forum topic. Any questions, please get in touch with us.

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