Casting the Net for What Matters and for Whom?

Co-created by over 130 people at the ALIVE National Centre’s Annual Symposium Holistic Formation March 14-16 2024 at Old Parliament House and the Australian Botanical Gardens, the Call to Action lays the groundwork for creating a meaningful dialogue with all parts of government and leading mental health, social and emotional well-being and suicide prevention research bodies and service sectors. The call asks us all to reflect carefully on policy safety and what’s counted in a national well-being framework and for whom.

After all, we know that what gets counted, gets discussed.  Read our Call to Action to [re]form national mental health and well-being here:


The ALIVE National Centre extends gratitude to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and people with lived-experience of mental ill-health, and carer, family and kinship groups who co-created this call. The ALIVE National Centre extends its thanks to partner organisations, members of its networks and the lived-experience research collective, its board and committee co-chairs and members for contributions during the symposium and to the Community Crowdsourcing Challenge. The Call to Action was co-created by the people who attended in-person and online for the ALIVE National Centre Annual Symposium 2024 for Holistic Formations, listed in alphabetical order by first name here. The Call to Action content was developed from contributions from National Centre meetings with researchers and the lived-experience research collective members contributing ideas about ideas about ‘what does holistic mean for you?’ These ideas formed table topics in a World Cafe and were considered in conjunction with the Measuring What Matters Statement guiding the Australian Government’s National Well-Being Framework.

Ailsa Rayner
Alan Brough
Alana Fisher
Alex Lee
Alison Flehr
Alyssa Morse
Amanda Neil
Amaya Alvarez
Amelia Gulliver
Amy Coe
Anna Foxcroft
Aunty Matilda
Ayla Barutchu
Bradley Foxlewin
Caroline Robertson
Caroline Tjung
Caroline Walters
Carolyn Nikoloski
Cassandra Heffernan
Cath Kaylor-Hughes
Cathy Butterss
Claire Liousse
Claudia Bull
Claudia Doria
Dana Jazayeri
David Preen
Deb Carlon
Debbi Vivian
Debbie Wood
Deborah Howe
Dianna Smith
Donna Stephens
Douglas Holmes
Eileen McDonald
Elise Dettmann
Emily Rose
Erin Stewart
Glenn Papworth
Gregor McDonald
Grenville Rose
Hamish Lindop
Heather Lamb
Hugh Major
Ian Muchamore
Ingrid Hatfield
Jean Carruthers
Jennifer Ma
Jessika Spencer
Jill Bennett
JinDa Li
Johanna Lynch
Jon Glasby
Josh Moorhouse
Julia Palfreyman
Justin Chapman
Justine Flecther
Katrina Archbald
Keith Mahar
Kelsey Hegarty
Kristen Turra
Kylie Brown
Lakshmi Neelakantan
Lisa Brophy
Louise Whitaker
Lucas Echegaray
Lynn Berger
Mark Loughhead
Matthew Lewis
Meg Dowley
Melissa Petrakis
Mengyu (Andy) Lyu
Michelle Banfield
Monica Short
Nicola Bell
Nicola Reavley
Nizam Abdu
Paul Klotz
Phillip Orcher
Preet Kaur
Priscilla Ennals
Rahni Orr Deas
Rebecca Moran
Rose Butinar
Rosie O’Grady
Roxanne Kritharidis
Sam Williamson
Scott Fitzpatrick
Skye Constantine
Tammy Potini
Tharindu Jayadeva
Tim Heffernan
Tom Brideson
Tunde Meikle
Victoria Palmer
Wendy Hermeston
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