A National Strategy for Lived-Experience in Mental Health Research

We are pleased to share that the journey toward A National Strategy for Lived-Experience in Mental Health Research to address capabilities needs, career pathways, conditions in research organisations and identify lived-experience approaches and practices for research integration has begun.

The strategy development stages and steps following input from our Lived-Experience Research Collective members at their gathering are as follows:

  • Mapping landscape (Jul 2023 – Jan 2024)
    • Review of published literature on lived-experience in mental health research (processes, practices and principles)
    • Review of policies at national level relevant to supporting growth and development of lived-experience in mental health research
    • The Long Conversation Flagship – the who, what, when and how of lived-experience researchers nationally (survey and creative outputs)
  • Public Co-Design (Feb 2024 – May 2024)
    • Typology sharing and expansion of the principles, processes, practices for lived-experience in mental health research
    • Public Co-Design with lived-experience researchers for shaping typology and expansions
    • Findings from TLC survey inform co-design and typology development
  • Strategy Development (May 2024 – Sep 2024)
    • Engagement with organisations and people working with lived-experience researchers using a variety of methods (exploring the challenges, barriers and enablers to fostering lived-experience research workforce) across research settings.
    • What is the state of play nationally for support of lived-experience researchers in universities/research institutes and centres and in organisations engaged in research? Where are the gaps, what are the barriers and what capabilities development is needed at the macro (policy), meso (organisational) and micro (community/individual) levels?
  • Draft to Final Strategy Release (Nov 2024)
    • Draft strategic framework for community consultation
    • Updated framework
    • Refinement of strategy and implementation guide
    • Final strategy released for implementation.